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Interfaith Group on Curbing Gun Violence!

As you know by now, we were not able to show the movie “Under the Gun” because it was pulled from distribution by the producers.  Instead,  the movie “Newtown” will be shown in our church February 12 following the service.  This movie highlights the families who were affected by the Newtown shooting and how they dealt with the situation.  The movie will be followed by an expert panel discussion and an opportunity for the audience to discuss this important issue.  We hope to focus on the issue of gun violence from a public health perspective.  To reserve a seat, go to:

Click here to reserve a seat for the movie NEWTOWN

Two members of our group met with the local Hillsborough County League of Women Voters. There was interest on their part on the UUCT group becoming aligned with the League.   The League has a coalition of groups (about 90) around this issue at a state wide level.
We hope you heard Rev. Patricia’s sermon on gun violence on December 11.  This is a very important issue that impacts even our young people, those under the age of 15 years.  It appears that there will be plenty of opportunity for those with a passion to express themselves about guns at the state level.  The issues/bills that are likely to be debated and voted upon in the 2017 legislative session are being compiled as we write this and will be published in a future column, along with contact numbers for the Senate and House members.  According to the New York Times, there was no gun legislation passed in this year’s 114th session.  No doubt that will change in the coming year.  Here is an excellent website to access for the purposes of following Florida’s pending bills, Bill Citation,  This column and the Interfaith group will attempt to keep you up to date on pending bills.
Submitted by Carol Baker

Hillsborough Organization for Progress & Equality 

Want to Make a Difference? Join UUCT’s Justice Ministry!

Our church along with other congregations comprise the Hillsborough Organization for Progress and Equality (HOPE). Together we work for justice, fairness and equality in our community.

For the past two years HOPE has been working on the problem of unemployment in Hillsborough County. Working with Hillsborough Community College and the Florida Workforce Alliance, HOPE has been encouraging the development of Fast Track Training programs that can especially help alleviate the problem of unemployment among the 18 -25-year-old population. This year HOPE continues to identify unjust barriers to employment and seeks systemic solutions that will reduce the high unemployment in our community.

If you want to respond to the call to “do justice” and are willing to help, or just want to learn more about HOPE, please contact Judy Lane,  Marta Pearson, Diane Gainforth, or Christine Smith.


The Green Group . . .

What?:  The Green Group at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa is an educational information-sharing discussion group.  Meetings are open to all.  Newcomers and drop-ins are welcomed. For further information, contact Tom Krumreich at or Brad Bridgham.

Tell me more!:  The Green Group at UUCT has been meeting since fall 2007.  We are involved in Earth Day and local environmental action.  We have a foods ecology discussion topic ongoing.  There is plenty of room to explore and support your ecological interests.  We are currently a small, informal group.  We have an electronic list where we post announcements, local events, and environmental Websites.  To join our Yahoo group or follow our online postings, go to:

If you have the energy and time to help spearhead the Green Group, please let us know.


  • To build awareness of societal environmental issues among UUs and friends in the community.
  • To support each other in making lifestyle changes that conserve natural resources.
  • To be an informed citizenry on environmental issues.
  • To build a connection between spiritual practice and environmental consciousness.
  • To build awareness of and rectify environmental injustices.




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