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Unitarian Universalist Church maintains a real-time dialog among members and friends through Yahoo Groups. You must join a Yahoo Group to participate in the dialog of the group. Won’t you join us?

GUIDELINES: All participants should be cordial and well mannered. Disagreements and discussion should be respectful (no Ad hominem). Abuse of the e-list and inappropriate messages will be addressed with the subscriber directly by the e-list manager. Continued abuse will result in the person being removed from the e-list. The UUCT Board of Trustees may review any e-list removal upon request .

UUCT maintains several unique e-mail lists:

1. General church announcements and communication – for everyone

This UUCT e-mail list is open to all church members and friends of the church. It is not open to the public. Everyone must make a subscription request and be approved by the list manager. The UUCT e-mail is for personal and church announcements; information and requests for information; and church discussions. It is not for soliciting business either for members or others.

2. Social Action announcements – for UUCT members only

The Social Action e-mail list is for informing church members of Social Action activities not sponsored by UUCT. These activities may be happening the Tampa Bay area community or anywhere throughout the United States.

3. Swap & Share announcements – for UUCT members only

The Swap & Share e-mail list is for UUCT members who want to share or swap items, information or ask for assistance of some kind. You might offer to sell things you no longer need or want, ask for rides, share info about a good plumber you know. You might tell people about a hobby or items that could be made or bought as gifts.

We look forward to hearing from you on the UUCT Yahoo Group. 

Questions? Contact our UUCT Yahoo Group administrator Diana Stevens at

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