Join Our Yahoo Group

Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa maintains a dialog among members and friends through a number of Yahoo Groups. Each of these e-mail groups focus on different member interests. All are RESTRICTED GROUPS, so you MUST subscribe to each group of interest to you. Each e-mail group has different focus, join one or several as you wish. We DO NOT share member information, these lists are restricted to subscribers only.

Questions: contact our Yahoo Group Administrator

Diana Stevens at:

uutampa: This e-mail group open to members and friends contains general information, conversations and activities sponsored by UUCT, the monthly Church newsletter “The Domelite” is also posted here:

uuctsocialaction: This e-mail group is open to members and friends to post Social Action activities which are not sponsored by the UU Church of Tampa but may be of interest to UUCT members and friends.

uuctshareandswap: This e-mail group for UUCT Members Only to share or swap items, ask for assistance, recommend merchants, service firms, plumbers, etc.

uu-humanists: This e-mail group is an open group for Humanist in the Greater Tampa Bay community for information about the Humanist group meeting at UU Church of Tampa. See our Humanist webpage for additional information.

ciw_cuups: This e-mail group is an open group for pagans for information about Circles in the Woods CUUPS at the UU Church of Tampa. 

Example on steps to sign up:

1. In your browser, go to
2. In the Search Groups field, enter: UUCTSocialAction.
– Yahoo displays the list of matches. There’s only one.
3. Click on the UUCTSocialAction group.
– Yahoo displays the group’s home page.
4. Scroll down to the section titled Group Email Addresses, and click on the email for “Subscribe” (which will pop up your operating system’s default email service) or copy/paste it into the “To” field of a new message you create in your own preferred email service.
5. The subject of your message should be something like “Subscribe me, please.” Tell the group managers who you are and what you’re interested in, and send the message. You should get a reply within a day or two.

NOTE: This should work for any of the UUCT Yahoo groups, so you can enter the name of the group you want to join into the Search Groups field.