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Circles in the Woods is a CUUPS (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) chapter affiliated with UUCT, Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa.

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The purpose of Circles in the Woods CUUPS is to:

  • Promote the understanding and practice of Earth-centered spirituality groups within UUCT;
  • Provide information, networking and education materials on Paganism and Earth-centered spirituality to UUCT and the general public;
  • Encourage the development of theo/alogical and liturgical materials based on Earth and Nature-centered religious and spiritual perspectives;
  • Encourage the sub-groups to initiate at least one ritual or workshop a year to be offered to the Unitarial Universalist Church fellowship;
  • Foster healing relationship with the Earth and all the Earth’s children.

Circles in the Woods is the sponsor and liaison for affiliated pagan study groups that meet at UUCT.  Click here for our by-laws.

See the CUUPS Calendar (link below) for activity details:

Circles in the Woods CUUPS Calendar

Circles in the Woods CUUPS meeting notes are located in the Yahoo egroup files.  If you are not already a member of the Circles in the Woods CUUPS egroup, you can subscribe at Just go to ‘Files’ and open the folder for Meeting Notes.

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