Committee on Ministry (COM)

(min’-iss-tree) – the use of a person’s gifts and talents, time and energy, in the service of others; a calling or a passion to serve.

Committee on Ministry

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe that each and every member of our congregation has the potential to improve the ministry within our community, and that together we can help our congregation achieve its vision.

The Committee on Ministry covenants:

  •  To recognize all activities of the church as shared ministries.
  •  To be aware of the pulse of the various communities within our congregation, and be ready to respond by fostering right relationships.
  •  To acknowledge that the committee’s only authority is that which is granted it by the members of the congregation, and to work to build and nurture that sacred trust.
  •  To place the mission of our church and well being of our congregation ahead of personal interests and biases.
  •  To use our 7 Unitarian- Universalist Principles as a source of inspiration and guidance.
  •  To model in word and deed healthy and deepening relationships.
  •  To promote healthy relationships between the congregation and the Minister.

COM Members

Committee Members serve staggered 3-year terms.

“At the Board re-organization meeting following the annual Board elections each year, the Minister shall nominate 3 Church Members for consideration by the Board.   The Board will appoint one of those persons to the Committee to serve a three-year term. “ (UUCT Bylaws)

“The purpose of the Committee is to strengthen the quality of the ministry within the Congregation both lay and professional” (UUCT Bylaws)

“The primary goal of the Committee on Ministry is to facilitate direct and constructive communication among members of the congregation and between members of the congregation and the minister and staff. Anyone with concerns about the health of our ministry is encouraged to contact any member of the Committee on ministry.”

Committee Members  (to be appointed)




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